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Frequent Questions

Why Get4views? #

The main advantage of Get4views is accurate targeting. The service finds the viewers who are interested in watching your video the most. Only official YouTube advertising tools are used, no bots and bans. Get significantly more subscribers or customers for the same budget than in Google Ads.
Get4views has worked with over 100,000 channels recently, resulting in more than 100 million new subscribers for our partners. The success of our YouTube advertising campaigns has turned small YouTubers into household names, and helped many musicians become famous.

How does the service collaborate with YouTube? #

Get4views is YouTube's partner for video advertising campaigns.
Google has provided Get4views with a special agent account, API access rights, and certified the company's employees.

What payment methods does the service have? #

Individuals can pay by Visa or MasterCard from any country in the world, as well as by PayPal e-money.
Legal entities can use wire transfers to pay the invoice, which can be downloaded from the Get4views personal account.

How does the promotion work? #


1. Analyzes your channel, selects the best videos, and adjusts your targeting settings.

2. Submits your video to YouTube for moderation

3. Launches an ad campaign, viewers start watching your video directly on YouTube.

4. Monitors the resulting stats in real-time and automatically changes the settings. This process happens constantly throughout the entire advertising campaign and leads to significant results improvement.

You can read more about the algorithms of the service in this article →

What's the views rate? #

The speed depends on the promotion settings and the required volume of views.
For small campaigns of up to 40,000 views, you can count on 1,000 - 3,000 views per day.
For campaigns of over 40,000 views, the speed can be adjusted.

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