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Referral Program

Invite friends and earn 5% of budget from each campaign they run

How it works



Get your referral link and promo code in your account. Share it with anyone you want.


Realtime Statistic

Earn real money and follow the results in your referral dashboard.



You get 5% of your friends completed campaigns budget. You can withdraw money to your card, balance or bank account.

How much can you earn?

Number of attracted YouTubers

Average monthly ads expenses

Your monthly income

  • You earn 5% of every paid YouTubers campaign, with no time limit.
  • We can offer more favorable conditions if you can attract more than 50 YouTubers
  • About us in numbers

    100 million

    reach of viewers

    37 000

    successful campaigns

    141 million



    years of experience

    20 000

    satisfied customers

    Frequent Questions

    How do I become a member of the referral program?

    The referral program is available to everyone without exception. It is enough to have a Get4views account.

    How can I promote my link and promo code?

    We recommend the following promotional methods:
    - mention in your own videos;
    - place links on your own and partner sites;
    - share the promo code with the thematic community in messengers/social networks;
    - write posts on the topic of YouTube promotion in social networks;
    - set up contextual or targeted advertising;
    - regularly write comments under thematic videos;
    - make email newsletters to your base;
    - recommend the service on thematic forums.

    How is the earnings amount calculated?

    The friend you refer is assigned to you permanently, i.e. you will be rewarded for them for each new campaign they pay for.
    All completed campaigns of your friends that were created after you referred the friend are calculated.

    When does the payout take place?

    The minimum payout amount is 100$. As soon as your earnings exceed this amount you can send a request for payment at any time.

    Is there a limit on program time or earnings amount?

    No, you can attract customers with no restrictions.

    Any ideas or partner suggestions?

    Contact us and we'll discuss the details