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What is Get4Views, and how does it work?

And why it is better than YouTube Ads (Google Ads)

Get4Views? What is that?

This is a promotion service for YouTube channels and videos. It helps bloggers gain views and subscribers, and helps businesses increase sales and attract website visitors.

It’s a tool to wrap content views, right?

No way. Only real YouTube users watch videos, subscribe to channel, and make purchases.

Some facts:

  • YouTube easily counts views from ads launched through Get4Views
  • Get4Views is a partner of YouTube and Google Ads. The service has a special agent interface and API access rights.

Okay, where do the views come from?

There\'s an official tool for promoting on YouTube – Google Ads. Bloggers and businesses use it to show video ads:

  • In-Feed ads – in search, recommendations, and on the platform\'s home page.
  • In-Stream ads – in the beginning, middle, or end of other YouTube videos.

In-Feed ads

In-Stream ads

Get4Views doesn’t reinvent the wheel – it automates work with Google Ads. Therefore, all the views that bring you subscribers and customers are completely legal and real.

Why should I use a go-between? Why not work with Google Ads directly?

First, it\'s tricky. You have to study lots of targeting types, create several variants of ads, then constantly monitor their effectiveness and make changes. Google Ads is not an easy tool, even for experienced marketers.

Also, it can be expensive. If you make mistakes while setting up and running a campaign, the ads will be shown to the wrong audience. It can result in fewer views or subscribers, or the growth of the cost of attracting a customer.

How can Get4Views solve these problems?

Algorithms do all the work. They can:

  • Pick the most relevant target audience: those who watch videos, like, leave comments or click on ads. Get4Views uses hundreds of combinations of targeting parameters (gender, age, interests, search requests, etc.).
  • Create and test hundreds of ad variations. Based on the data, Get4Views leaves only the most effective ads. It increases clickability, the number of views and subscribers, as well as makes the ads cheaper.
  • Set optimal rates to win ad auctions over competitors while not overpaying for views. Get4Views manages all the important metrics 24/7: cost per view, retention, CTR, and more.

The service can even select the videos on your YouTube channel, which are the most suitable for promotion.

How much does it cost? Only big brands can afford it?

No, of course not. You can start at $100 – it’s enough to get about 3,500 views, 80 new subscribers, or 50 conversions to the website.

Surely, it\'s impossible to predict how much exactly one view or subscriber will cost. The figures depend on many factors: the subject of your channel, competition, the current number of subscribers, and even the covers of promoted videos.

The deadlines can affect costs too. If you need the results as quickly as possible, you’ll have to win more advertising auctions, which means spending more money.

Okay, where do I start?

  • Define the goal: promote a YouTube channel or commercials for business.
  • Insert a link to the video or channel.
  • Specify geography, gender, and age of viewers – or let Get4Views algorithms choose these parameters.
  • Specify budget – select a ready-to-use rate or your own conditions.
  • View media plan – a forecast on guaranteed and free views, likes and subscribers, the average cost of view.
  • Pay in any convenient way.

Done! We have launched the advertising campaign. Now the algorithms are being trained, and the views and other indicators are increasing. You can track all the statistics in your personal Get4Views account.